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HECM for Purchase in San Jose, CA - How Does it Work?

You’ve likely heard of the reverse mortgage or Home Equity Conversion Mortgage in San Jose, CA before. You know that homeowners ages 62 and older can tap into their home’s equity and age in place and don’t owe any payments.


But what about the HECM for purchase? Most people don’t realize it’s an option and a good one too.


Here’s everything you must know.


A Reverse Morgage Can Be a Financial Planning Tool

These are myths millions of people have believed for years, but today, the reverse mortgage in Lake Tahoe, California is seen as a great financial planning tool. Should it be your only financial tool? No.


But it can work well alongside any other financial plans you have in place. If you haven’t considered a reverse mortgage in your financial toolbox, here are the reasons you should consider it.


Dealing with Emergencies During Retirement

Retirement should be a time of relaxation and fun, right? For most it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its emergencies and hard times. When you prepared for your retirement, you probably focused on the ‘good times’ and how much you’d need, but what about the bad or unexpected?


The 4 Benefits of Receiving Reverse Mortgage Funds as a Line of Credit

There is more than one way to access your home’s equity using a reverse mortgage in Temecula, California. As long as you and your spouse are over the age of 62 and own your home without a mortgage, you can access your equity, using it to enjoy your retirement.


Most people know they can receive their equity as one lump sum, but another popular way is as a line of credit.


The Top 5 Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage in Eureka, CA

You’ve likely heard of the reverse mortgage by now – it’s increasing in popularity as millions of Baby Boomers hit retirement.


You may have heard good and bad things about the program – but fixate on the bad, because that’s what we do. But what if there were a lot of good things you didn’t know about the reverse mortgage in Eureka, CA?


Reverse Mortgages Myths to Stop Believing in 2021

The reverse mortgage has an interesting reputation. People who have one love it, and yet millions of homeowners in Los Angeles who could take advantage of it have false notions about it.


In this guide, I’ll dispel the top reverse mortgage myths so you too can take advantage of this helpful mortgage program.


Are Reverse Mortgages Safe?

Reverse mortgages have many myths – some of which aren’t the best. Many people think they are ‘dangerous’ and seniors in San Diego shouldn’t consider one. But until you know the truth about the reverse mortgage and how it works, you don’t know how beneficial it can be.


With the right lender and proper education, a reverse mortgage can be one of the best moves a senior who wants to age in place can make.


Everything You Must Know About Appraisals for a Reverse Mortgage

If you’re thinking about taking out a reverse mortgage in Los Angeles, you’ll need an appraisal. Don’t worry, it’s a normal part of the process, but just the word appraisal freaks people out, making them think they won’t get approved for a reverse mortgage.


Here I break down everything you must know about the reverse mortgage appraisal so you embrace it rather than fear it.


What You Should Know Before Selling a Home with a Reverse Mortgage

You take out a reverse mortgage with the intent of ‘aging in place.’ Millions of Californians do the same thing. It’s more pleasurable to stay in the home you built up equity in and enjoyed with your family than moving into a retirement home or even downsizing. Sometimes, though, staying in your home is too expensive for your retirement budget.


Am I Eligible for a Home Equity Conversion Loan?

You’ve heard a reverse mortgage or home equity conversion loan can be a vital retirement tool, but how does it work? Is everyone in San Francisco eligible?


While reverse mortgage guidelines are simple, making it easy for retirees to access their home equity, there are certain qualifying requirements you should understand to maximize your chances of approval.


The Top 5 Ways to Receive Your Reverse Mortgage Funds

A reverse mortgage or home equity conversion loan pays you funds from your home’s equity, rather than you making forward payments to the mortgage. It accumulates interest, but you don’t have to make any payments until you move or you pass away and your heirs must sell the home. There is no reverse mortgage repayment requirement if you live in the home.​


Who's the Ideal Home Equity Conversion Applicant

It may surprise you to learn what makes the ideal home equity conversion applicant in San Jose, California. Most people assume it’s older Americans in financial distress during retirement.


What if that weren’t the case?


How a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage can Help you in Retirement

If you’re at least 62-years old and wish you could turn your home’s equity into cash, you may be in luck. A home equity conversion loan, also known as a reverse mortgage provides access to your home’s equity without requiring monthly payments or large fees.


The Top 7 Reasons a Home Equity Conversion (Reverse Mortgage) is Right for You

The home equity conversion loan also known as the reverse mortgage has a reputation and it’s not always good. But it should.


Many people avoid the reverse mortgage because of the myths that surround it. But there are many great things about the reverse mortgage that seniors overlook, not realizing what an important financial tool it can provide.


The Professionals Involved in Your Reverse Mortgage

You can get many things online, boats, planes, mobile homes. In today’s crazy world where everything is at your fingertips, a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage differs. Obtaining one means you will have to meet with a team of professionals who are on your side. While you may think you know exactly what you need, there are many ins and outs of the business mortgage professionals in California can help you with to get you the best deal.

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