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A Reverse Morgage Can Be a Financial Planning Tool


Dealing with Emergencies During Retirement


The 4 Benefits of Receiving Reverse Mortgage Funds as a Line of Credit


The Top 5 Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage in Eureka, CA


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Am I Eligible for a Home Equity Conversion Loan?


The Top 5 Ways to Receive Your Reverse Mortgage Funds

A reverse mortgage or home equity conversion loan pays you funds from your home’s equity, rather than you making forward payments to the mortgage. It accumulates interest, but you don’t have to make any payments until you move or you pass away and your heirs must sell the home. There is no reverse mortgage repayment requirement if you live in the home.​


Who's the Ideal Home Equity Conversion Applicant

It may surprise you to learn what makes the ideal home equity conversion applicant in San Jose, California. Most people assume it’s older Americans in financial distress during retirement.


What if that weren’t the case?


How a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage can Help you in Retirement

If you’re at least 62-years old and wish you could turn your home’s equity into cash, you may be in luck. A home equity conversion loan, also known as a reverse mortgage provides access to your home’s equity without requiring monthly payments or large fees.


The Top 7 Reasons a Home Equity Conversion (Reverse Mortgage) is Right for You

The home equity conversion loan also known as the reverse mortgage has a reputation and it’s not always good. But it should.


Many people avoid the reverse mortgage because of the myths that surround it. But there are many great things about the reverse mortgage that seniors overlook, not realizing what an important financial tool it can provide.


The Professionals Involved in Your Reverse Mortgage

You can get many things online, boats, planes, mobile homes. In today’s crazy world where everything is at your fingertips, a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage differs. Obtaining one means you will have to meet with a team of professionals who are on your side. While you may think you know exactly what you need, there are many ins and outs of the business mortgage professionals in California can help you with to get you the best deal.

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